"Verse Wisconsin, Vol. 112" online, as well as other "Verse Wisconsin" print and online publications can be viewed at

“Geraldine” is part of the anthology Stage This: Vol. 3: Monologues & Short Plays (Fn Productions) and can be purchased through For more information contact Also check out New York-based editor/producer/actor Frank Blocker’s site. A review of this book can be read in the archives of

The short story “Sentries” is part of the anthology In Our Own Words: Vol. 8 MWP Publications and can be purchased through the title’s Facebook site. Or Amazon (  1  7/180-692221-4992568?ie=UTF8&s=books&gid=1278595518&sr=1-7).

“What I Sold, To Make The Holidays Bright” is published in the anthology Mothers & Daughters: Vol 3: Mid-Life Catharsis (ICWP) and can be purchased through The piece was published as part of a fundraising anthology for the International Centre for Women Playwrights.

The short story “All Those Angels’ Wings, Beating Round” can be purchased in the summer 2010 issue (“The Dean’s Cat” issue) of THEMA literary magazine.

Past issues of Crawdad Magazine can be ordered by contacting Dr. Tim Matos, an editor and playwright/poet/essayist in his own right. Mention of this at the Truman College website is here. Tim (Carlos) Matos has also had a poetry book, “A School For Fishermen” recently published by Brickhouse Books.

A DVD version of “The Lion’s Den” is archived for public viewing at The Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum, Madison, WI.

The short story “Thanksgiving” is available through the Lilith magazine archives, issue 100. My editor at Lilith, Yona McDonough is a published author; her website is

The short story "Baby Steps" is published in Third Wednesday, their website is: http:/

The short story "When That Most Glamorous Hydra In A Wig Shows Up At Your Door" is published in Plum Hamptons,

"Hilde's Son, The Rabbi" is part of the anthology, Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt which can be purchased at the publisher's website, for $14.95 or through Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.

I am a member of the Dramatist’s Guild.

Questions in regards to receivership accounts for Michele Merens for grant or donor projects can be directed to


“Worthy Ally” Sites

In addition to the above professional contacts, I have met many creative and compassionate individuals while researching and marketing my writing and play projects. I pass on their sites as I believe they work on matters of tremendous social importance every day with earnest and honest hearts. (author and psychologist Dr. Ed Tick, to help veterans suffering from PTSD) (“Dr. Z”, theologian at Marquette University, Milwaukee WI, to help those suffering from PTSD) (playwright Lisa Rosenthal based in Chicago, an ongoing public forum and workshop to help vets and their families work with art, music, etc.) (an author and radio show personality hosting a weekly radio show concerning PTSD) (a talk show host on Wisconsin Public Radio and a speaker on the art/importance of listening and “uni-tasking”). Ben is also the lead actor on the DVD of “The Lion’s Den”., and feature works by other writers I have known through my ongoing weekly writer’s group at (

( Theatrical talents of Dr. David Eggebrecht, Concordia University and Dr. Leo Jones, retired chairman of the Theatre Department, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. (no site currently available).