Thank you for taking the time and interest to visit this website. I’m thrilled to add to the massive weight of fiction out on our computers today, as why not one more voice among the billions? And yet, I nonetheless hope this site can be a place where parts have value; that information gleaned here can perhaps spark an unexpected thought or prompt a dialogue with you.

In setting up this site, I would be negligent not to thank the many talented and sincere individuals who have given me the gift of taking my work into print and performance. The list would go on and I would fear missing someone, but I highly recommend you visit my links page and support the efforts of small presses, gutsy magazines and non-profit groups mentioned there.

My appreciation for time you give to my existing works, queries or purchases you might make visiting here. And why do I add my writing voice to the countless others, why do I bother or dare?

Over the years, what I’ve come to believe as a writer is simply this; all of us--children and adults--need to understand that words cannot simply be taught as subject-verb-object constructions on a page. For sometimes words may turn out to be the very surgical tools, blankets, anchors, buoys, and harnesses of our daily existence; what we cling to in the years when the doctor can’t come, the bus doesn’t pick up, or loved ones can no longer be reached and then, even their shadows are gone. Sometimes words are the only echoes we can spin to carry us beyond desperate times, and all we will end up with after the reaching.

And so, of course, we must try.

Michele Merens