Published Works



Fall 2020 Inside Our Days Muriel Press, Marian University


2018 Dovetales Annual “The Art of Scavenging” reprint

2017 “Nowhere To Hide”

2014 Lilith Magazine “Sweet Charity”

Poetica (online edition) “Seeing Is Believing”

2013 Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt: Editions

Bibliotekos ed. Dr. Gregory Tague

“Hilde’s Son, The Rabbi” (anthology)

2011 Plum Hamptons Magazine “When That Most

Glamorous Hydra In A Wig Shows Up At Your Door”

published as Michele Ellis

2010 Inkwell “Digging”

Third Wednesday “Baby Steps”

2009 THEMA “All Those Angel Wings Beating Round”

In Our Own Words:Vol VIII “Sentries” (anthology)

2008 Lilith “Thanksgiving”

2007 Crawdad “The Art of Scavenging”

Essays and Columns

2019 The Conscious Soul author and ed. Dr. Leo M. Jones II

2012-13 Community Columnist Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

1999-2002 Columnist CNI Newspapers

1998 Drama and Arts Reviewer Hinsdale Doings

Awards and Mentions

2020 Winner, Nuit de Philosophy Op-ed Contest judged by New York Times “The Stone” editors and Brooklyn Public Library

Barnard College Senior Scholar In Creative Writing

Intl. Society Weekly News Editors “Golden Dozen” Columnists Award